Friday, October 22, 2010

Winner of Challenge 2

The wait is over. I thank you all for you patience. Believe me, I had a very tough time deciding the
winner and took help from many of my friends. And they all came up with 2-3 best cards
and all different :). Finally I decided to choose 2 winners -
The winners for October challenge 2010 are Karen and Heather-

Karen's card

Heather's card

Congratulations Karen and Heather! 

Karen's card has a great color combination. It's a simple yet beautiful card. The butterfly
and flower both are very neat.

Heather's card has beautiful roses. The light color flowers and butterflies perfectly
compliment the dark background.

And here's something about what I liked about each one of your cards, in the order of
submission -
Anita Kumar - Loved the fresh colours used in your card. The butterfly style is also very unique.

Karuna - Loved the card format and the way you have used the stamping background

Ann - Your card has a beautiful format too and I loved the background paper pattern which has
created a lovely overall combination.

Vidushi - Very neat quilling. You have just started with quilling and it's your second card,
but the quality of coils is no less than an experienced quiller

Mansi - Loved the flowers. The butterfly style is also very unique

Phillipa - There couldn't have been a more perfect imitation of the background flower! Very
neat quilling too.

Thank you all for participating in October challenge.
A Special thanks to Kaela and Helen. Both of them created a card for the challenge but missed
the deadline.
And here are their cards -
Kaela's card
Helen's card
 Aren't both the cards lovely?
I hope you all enjoyed this challenge as much I enjoyed setting it up.


Philippa said...

Thanks for a great challenge, Piyu! I look forward to seeing what the next one is going to be!

Karen Cooke said...

Thank you for the kind words - it's the first challenge I've won. I'm really pleased to have found this. I'm following all the blogs of the people who have entered, it's great to see so many different styles and interpretations. Great inspiration!

Bronwyn said...

Congratulations to the winners

Ann said...

Congratulations to the two winners. Both of their cards were lovely. I can't imagine how difficult your choice was since all of the entries were fabulous. I look forward to the next challenge, this was fun.

mansi said...

congrats to both Karen and Heather and thanx Priyadarshini...i am very raw in quilling as well as in blogging...and its the first challenge i have participted in and really enjoyed it...

Anitakumarcrafts said...

Congrats to the winners, all the cards are awesome ! Thanks once again for starting this great quilling challenge Piyu !!

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Congraulations to the winners. Lovely works.

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