Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Challenge 4 - December 2010

The challenge for this month is based on festive theme too. And for the first time it's going to be a 3D challenge.
Create a 3 Dimensional Christmas tree. You may then decorate it with quilled ornaments too!
I will upload a tutorial this weekend for inspiration. So keep watching.
Also, the deadline for this challenge is extended until 27th December 2010 - 11 p.m IST.

Due to some technical issues, I am not able to enable the widget to upload the links. While I sort it out, please email me your entries at and leave me a comment here. Sorry for the inconvenience  :(


Ann said...

oh this is a good one. I've never tried the 3D stuff. I hope I can do it :)

Molly Smith said...

I really hope to get back into these challenges after the first of the year! They are great!

Good luck everyone :) ~~waving to Ann~~

Yuenie said...

it would take a lot of time =S all the best, ann!

swarnamanoj said...

i am sending my entry to your id priya.
have a look.

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