Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winners of challenge 6

I am really sorry for being late in posting the winners. But believe me it was a very very difficult task this time and hence the decision took time. Each and every card is so adorable and I wished we had voting to choose winners. After a lot of thinking(when I couldn't narrow it down further), I came up with the following 4 winners (In no particular order)-
Kavita, Dja-Karta, Suganthi and Aditi.
Hearty Congratulations!!
And here are the winning cards-

Kavitha's cute bunnies
Dja-Karta's adorable Meowers

Suganthi's beautiful birdies
Aditi's lovey dovey chicks

 I hope you had loads of fun. Challenge 7 coming soon!


dja-karta said...

oh, thanks a lot!!!
And my congratulations to all winners ))))

angelin said...

congrats winners

Ann said...

I can imagine how difficult it was to choose, they were all great entries. Congratulations to the four winners.

chillin with Quillin said...

congrats to you all!

kavitha said...

Wow,thnks piyu:))
and congrats to all the winners:)

Penny said...

Congratulations - to all the winners - your pieces are all so awesome.


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