Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Results of the First Anniversary Challenges!!

Hey Friends!
Finally the results are here! I am soooooo sorry for the delay...Please accept my apologies. I know you all are so excited to find out who won :) But first a BIG thank you for your participation in anniversary celebrations. I was overwhelmed by your response and your creativity left me spellbound! Each and every entry was so unique, special and inspiring.
I am sorry again for I was not able to leave comments on most of the entries as I had a super hectic month :(
So now..without any further delay..first let me disclose our secret sponsor. Any guesses??
She is none other than our dear Khushboo :) . Thanks so much Khush!

Now the Top3 for the 3 challenges -
1)  Kathy's Challenge
 The top 3 for Kathy's challenge are (in no particular order and from those who followed the rules) -

And one lucky winner of Kathy's lovely embroidered T-shirt is ......."Kiddo"! Kiddo, email me your shipping address and Tshirt size
2) Secret Sponsor's Challenge
The top 3 for Khushboo - the secret sponsor's challenge are (in no particular order and from those who followed the rules) -

 And the lucky winner of Khushboo's awesome hamper is..."Kavya"! Kavya, email me your shipping address.
3) Piyu's Challenge
The top 3 for my challenge are (in no particular order and from those who followed the rules) -

 And the lucky winner of the 10$ voucher is... "Suganthi"! Suganthi, email me the store of your choice :)

Hearty Congratulations to all the Top 3s!! Hope you all had super fun.
The next challenge will start next early next month. so Keep watching and keep quilling :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Anniversary Celebrations!!

Hello Quillers! How are you doing? I am so sorry for the long time I took..but I am going to make up for it.
Beware : This is going to be a long post full of surprises. So read carefully and patiently :)

This month, we would be having not one, nor two but three challenges. And not just that, every challenge has a sponsor...and hence there would be 3 winners.

You must be excited to find out who these sponsors are and what they would be sponsoring..right? So, here are the details along with their respective challenges -
1) The first sponsor is Kathy Meyers. Kathy has a wonderful embroidery store. Do check out her website at or her Etsy shop at to see some awesome creative stuff!
Kathy would be sponsoring a nice embroidered T-shirt to the winner. How cool is that! Thank you so much Kathy. And here's Kathy's challenge.

2) The second sponsor is a Secret. Well, the only hint I can give is that this lovely lady has participated in our previous challenges :). So keep guessing her name. And this secret sponsor is giving away this awesome package -
It contains 10 card stocks in assorted colors, 6 ribbons 3 feet each and 4 sticker packs. Wow..wish I could participate too :) . Thanks so much Girl!
And here's the Secret sponsor's challenge

3) The third sponsor :).
And the winner of my challenge would get a 10$ (or equivalent) gift voucher of the store of winner's choice.

And now the rules -
1) The challenges will be open until 26th October 2011 (11:59 pm IST)
2) You may participate in all challenges and can submit any number of entries
3) No backlinking. All entries should be new one. i.e posted after the challenge has been set
4) Please specify a link back to the respective challenge on your blogspot
5) Link to the exact blog post and not the blog home page
6) Link to the correct challenge
7) The DTs of previous challenges and sponsors can also participate. However the sponsor cannot participate in her own challenge.
8) Top 3 entries will be chosen in every challenge and a random winner will be drawn out of the top 3.

Entries not fitting in rules would not be eligible for winning.

So calling all the new and the experienced quillers in all age groups over the world to participate in the celebrations.
Once again a big Thank you for the generous sponsors for making this event more special!

I have one more good news to share. I have just started a new online store - "The Just for You Store" for quilling and other crafting supplies. I would love it if you visit it and let me know your feedback.

Here I am reposting the links to the challenges -
1) Kathy's Challenge
2) Secret Sponsor's Challenge
3) Piyu's Challenge

First Anniversary Challenge by Kathy

Kathy's challenge for you is -

Make a quilling project (card, frame or any other thing) using the theme "Congratulations"

Here is an additional entry that I received over email. This beautiful project is sent by Jyoti Agarwal. Thanks Jyoti!

First Anniversary Challenge by Secret Sponsor

The secret sponsor's challenge for you is -
Make a festive/holiday quilled card  or any other project. You may choose any festival or holiday of your choice.

Here are 2 additional entries that I received over email.
The first one is a lovely card for Diwali (the Indian festival of lights) sent by Jyoti Agarwal.

 The second one is from our young talented lady - Kavya. She quilled an awesome scene - the Indian Prime Minister, Mahatma Gandhi and an Indian family celebrating the Republic day in India. Kavya has also submitted the project below for the First Anniversary challenge by Piyu - Quilled Recipe
Thanks Jyoti and Kavya!