Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Challenge 9 - May 2011

Hello quillers! How had you been?
It's a little late for this month's Quill Pill. My appologies! I need to travel a lot and this causes all the delay :(
Well, here's the May pill -

Make a quilled card using monocromatic color scheme. i.e using different shades and tints of same color.
And here's a card from my other blog for you inspiration-

The challenge will close on 30th May 2011 (11:59 pm IST).
There are a little changes in the rules from this challenge onwards.
1) No Back Linking. All projects should be new.
2) Link the blogspot and not the blog home page.
3) Leave a link back to this challenge post on your blog post.

The rules page has been updated.
Have a great time!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Winner of Challenge 8

Hello Friends! It's time to declare a winner for challenge 8 - "Anything Seasonal!". We received 12 stunning entries this month. There was a variety in not just seasons but aslo the quilling techniques. There was 2D, 3D, husking, fringing and so on.
This time Rachelle, our guest designer and winner of challenge 7 helped me by taking up the difficult task of choosing the winner .
And the choosen one is Nastena and here is the winning card-

Congratulations Nastena!!
Hope you all had fun. This month's quill pill would be up soon..So keep watching and keep quilling!