Thursday, September 30, 2010

Challenge 2 - October 2010

Your wait is over and here comes the October pill.
This month's challenge is quite easy. You need to -

Create a quilled card having at least one flower and one butterfly.

You can refer Tutorial 2 for some inspirations :)
The challenge will close on 20th Oct(9.00 a.m IST)

Tutorial 2: Making sunflower and butterfly using basic shapes

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a sunflower and a butterfly using basic shapes. Let me first start with the basic shapes.
1) Loose coil -
The first 3 steps are same as that of tight coil. If you want to see the pictures of these steps , you may refer to Tutorial 1: Making tight coils.
Step 1:
Take the quilling strip having desired length and width in one hand and quilling tool in other(prominent hand).
Step 2:
Insert a tiny part of the strip's end into slot of the quilling needle holding the strip between the thumb and the index finger such that the needle rests on the index finger.
Step 3:
Start rolling the needle across the paper length maintaining the even tension using your thumb and index finger.
Step 4:
Remove the coil from the needle and allow it to relax. It will form a loose coil. 
Allow coil to relax
Step 5:
Put a small quantity of glue on the free end of the strip and stick it to close the coil.
Your loose coil is ready. 
Loose Coil

2) Teardrop -
Step 1:
Take a quilling strip of desired length and width and create a loose coil.
Step 2:
Now pinch the loose coil (better if pinched at the glued part) as shown in figure below to make a teardrop-
Pinch loose coil

3) Eye or Marquise -
Step 1:
Take a quilling strip of desired length and width and create a loose coil.
Step 2:
Hold the loose coil between both hands with thumb and index finger.
Step 3:
Pinch the opposite points of loose coil with both the hands at the same time as shown in figure below-
Eye / Marquise - Pinch at opposite sides
4) Loose scroll - 
Step 1:
Take a quilling strip of desired length and width and roll it as we do for loose coil but leaving some portion of quilling strip.
Step 2:
Remove the coil and let it relax. Your loose scroll is ready.

5) Heart scroll -
Step 1:
Take a quilling strip of desired length and width and fold it at the center.
Fold strip in middle

Step 2:
Insert one end of the strip into slot of the quilling needle and roll it the direction of second end. Remove the strip form the needle tool and let it relax.
Roll one end inwards

Step 3:
Now repeat step 2 with the remaining end.
Roll second end

Heart Scroll
6) Quilled Sunflower -
Step 1:
To make a Sunflower as shown in figure above, take a brown strip of desired length and width and make a tight coil. The quilling strip used for center tight coil should be of larger length than those used for petals.
Step 2:
Make a yellow teardrop shape. Put a small quantity of glue on the curved surface of the teardrop and stick it on the circumference of the brown loose coil.
Put some glue on curved surface of teardrop
Stick teardrop to center tight coil
Make enough yellow teardrops to cover the entire circumference of tight coil.
Stick some more teardrops around tightcoil to complete the flower
Step 4:
To make stem, put some glue on the edge of a curved quilling strip of desired length and stick it as shown in figure below-
Add stem

Step 5:
To make the leaves, create 3 marquises using green color quilling strip.
Add leaves

7) Butterfly-
Step 1:
To make a butterfly create 4 teardrop and 4 heart scroll shapes using 2 different colors.
4 Teardrops and 4 heart scrolls

Step 2:
Glue the teardrop between the heart scroll to create wing as shown in figure below-
Put some glue on the inner bottom of heart scroll
Insert teardrop between the heart scroll to
create a wing
Step 3:
Repeat step 2 for remaining 3 teardrops and heart scrolls
Step 4:
Create a marquise using black/brown color quilling strip for the butterfly's body.
Butterfly body and wings

Step 5:
Glue all the 4 wings on the butterfly body (2 on each side) as shown in figure below.
Glue wings to body
Step 6:
You can add 2 tiny loose scrolls for quilling strips for antennae.
Make 2 loose scrolls for antennae

Stick antennae to the body

And here is the sunflower and the butterfly :)
Sunflower and butterfly
 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. My apologies for the poor quality images. My camera had issues and I had to use my mobile phone camera to take the pics.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Winner of Challenge 1

First of all I would like to thank Molly and Anita for participating in the challenge. I hope you had fun.

And now the winner for Challenge 1 - September 2010 is Molly Smith.
Molly is a designer, author and educator for the craft and hobby industry. The hardcover edition of her book - "The New Paper Quilling" has just been republished as a paperback. Here is the winning bookmark -
Congratulations Molly! You have entered the "Hall of Fame" as the first winner. You can design Challenge 2 - October 2010 and pick a winner. You can email me your design by 26th September 2010.

There is a surprise for Anita Kumar, for being the first participant. Anita, email me your contact details so that I can send you a small gift. Here is Anita's bookmark-

I would like to give a special thanks to Neha Gala. She had promised me that she would participate in the challenge but was held up in work and missed the deadline. But she kept her promise by making the bookmark. Here's it -

I hope that there would be more participation next challenge onwards.