Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rules and additional Entries

Hey Friends!
I am spellbound seeing so many stunning entries for the current month's challenge. Keep going..Just 2 days to go!

However I am a bit disappointed with not following of the rules. Please follow the rules dear quillers.
I am not deleting non eligible entries but they won't be considered while choosing the winners. This is to be fair to those who followed the rules. The DT and me would be really disappointed if we have to let go a top entry because it didn't fit in rules.
I am re-iterating the 3 main rules -
1. No Back Linking. All projects should be new.
2. Please link the blogspot and not the blog home page.
3. Please leave a link back to this challenge post on your blog post

The rule "A participant can submit upto 3 entries per challenge. " has been removed and you can submit any number of entries :)

So if you have not linked to the actual blog post or have not specified a link back to the challenge, then please correct it soon.. You just have 2 days. If you are not able to create hyperlinks, just mention the challenge's web address. This will help some new quillers to join the challenge too!

**** Update****
An exception to the rule No. 3  only for kids (below 15 years). If you are not able to leave a link back to the challenge, not a problem. Your entries will still be considered valid. I hope this is fine with the adult quillers. Please email me if you have any objection.

So Sorry if I sounded harsh. I didn't mean to.

And here is a beautiful entry that I recieved in email from Safiya -

Keep quilling!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Challenge 12 : August 2011

Hello Quillers! Are you ready for another exciting quill pill? The theme for this month is -

 "Quilling for kids..It can be a card..or bookmark or photoframe  or anything else"
And here are the fabulous insiprations by the DT member -
A funny clown card and 2 cute little tags from Suganthi :

An adorable teddy by Manuela:

The challenge will close on 26th August 2011 at 11:59 pm IST
Have fun!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Winners of Challenge 11

Hello!! Here I am with the winners for Challenge 11. It was such an exciting challenge and the DT members had a real tough time choosing the winners. Each and every entry was simply "wow". After a lot of thinking and revisiting we came up with 2 winners - Phillipa and Susan. And here are their beautiful jewelleries -
Phillipa's brooch pin

Susan's jewellery set

Stunningly Fabulous!! Aren't they?

Congratulations Phillipa and Susan.

I will posting the next challenge soon. And again with awesome inspirations from the DT :)