Saturday, March 5, 2011

Challenge 7 - March 2011

This month's challenge is going to be sweet and special because this month's my birthday month :). And so, I have something interesting for the winner too! This challenge's winner gets to design next challenge and pick the next winner along with me. If there are more than one winners, I'll randomly pick one name. So all set for this month's challenge?
Quill anything sweet. It can be a cake or ice cream or candies or any other sweet thing you can think of. And it can go on anything, a card or book mark or fridge magnet or anything else.

The challenge will close on 26th March IST.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winners of challenge 6

I am really sorry for being late in posting the winners. But believe me it was a very very difficult task this time and hence the decision took time. Each and every card is so adorable and I wished we had voting to choose winners. After a lot of thinking(when I couldn't narrow it down further), I came up with the following 4 winners (In no particular order)-
Kavita, Dja-Karta, Suganthi and Aditi.
Hearty Congratulations!!
And here are the winning cards-

Kavitha's cute bunnies
Dja-Karta's adorable Meowers

Suganthi's beautiful birdies
Aditi's lovey dovey chicks

 I hope you had loads of fun. Challenge 7 coming soon!