Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Entries for Challenge 5 - January 2011

Here goes the first entry for the year 2011. A stunning card by Suganthi -
Another beautiful card from Lalitha!

2 adorable cards from Paula and Anita -
Paula's card
Anita's card
A lovely card from Anca -
Anca's card
A creative card from Swarna -
Swarna's card
2 beautiful cards from Aditi and Aljona(white Racoon) -

Aditi's card

Aljona's card

Waiting for the next entry :)


SUGANTHI said...

Thank you Piyu.

Piyu said...

@Suganthi : You are welcome :). Your card is awesome! Thank you for paticipating!

Ann said...

very lovely. I don't know if I'll have time or ambition to try this one but hopefully by next month I'll be back in the swing of things.

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful card, Suganthi! Congratulations!

Molly Smith said...

These are both lovely! I hope you get more entries. I promise to get in the next one. I am anxious to support you!

Good luck to all! ~ Molly

Unknown said...

wow........very beautiful

Piyu said...

@Molly: Thank you so much for your support. You are really very sweet :)

Vidushi's quilling said...

Beautiful cards piyu.... soon i will post mine.

WhiteRacoon said...

Wow! Just found this blog, couldn't think there would be a quilling challenge blog, so happy to see all beautiful submissions!
Hey, I've got a quesiton, what if I make a card with number 2011 written with Roman characters like "MMXI"? Will that be okay? Or I need to put Arabic numbers?

Piyu said...

@WhiteRacoon - Thank you for your comment. You can use Roman characters. Looking forward for you entry :)

Swarna V said...

thanks for posting the card, priya.

María de los Ángeles said...

Beautiful and creative cards!!

silent sculptor said...

your blog on quilling is awesome. I myself am very interested in quilling and after seeing ur blog, i feel more inspired to try my hands in quilling

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