Monday, August 30, 2010

Challenge 1 - September 2010

I couldn't resist waiting  for 1st of September to post this challenge. Hence posting it 2 days early :).
So here's your very first monthly quilling pill -

Create a bookmark making maximum use of tight coils. You may use other coils, but they must be less in number than the tight coils.

Checkout Tutorial 1 to learn about tight coils.
The challenge will close on 20th Sept(9.00 a.m IST)


Anita Kumar said...

Lovely blog , I am a recent quiller and love it !

Karuna said...

Great. i have a month :)! Sounds like fun!

Piyu said...

@Anita: I am glad you liked it. Hoping to see participation :)

@Karuna: Waiting for your entry. Looking at your other work, I think this is going to be very easy for you.

Anita Kumar said...

Hello ,you will soon be seeing my contribution!

Anita Kumar said...

Hi here is my bookmark !

Anonymous said...

I only just found your blog - what a great idea!

I don't have time this weekend to make one, but would love to join in next month.

Kishley (Dolly Sapra) said...

Wow! I found out about your blog from Will try to join in from next month..

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