Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tutorial 1: Making tight coils

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make tight coils.These are the simplest of all shapes.
Step 1:
Take the quilling strip having desired length and width in one hand and quilling tool in other(prominent hand).
Step 2:
Insert a tiny part of the strip's end into slot of the quilling needle holding the strip between the thumb and the index finger such that the needle rests on the index finger as shown in the figure below-

Insert tiny part of strip's end in needle slot
Step 3:
Start rolling the needle across the paper length maintaining the tension using your thumb and index finger
Start rolling
Maintain tension using thumb and index finger
Step 4:
Remove the coil from the needle and pull its free end gently to make sure that it is tight.
Step 5:
Put a small quantity of glue on the free end of the strip and stick it to close the coil.

Put small amount of glue of free end and stick it
Your tight roll is ready. You can make a lot of variations by putting your imagination to work :)
Finished tight roll

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